18 May 2009


Justice - Cool Cats (2009)

11 May 2009


Crocodiles - Summer of Hate (2009)
"San Diego's Crocodiles are about to release their debut album, Summer Of Hate on Fat Possum, and are out on a pretty extensive U.S. tour right now to promote it. The band draws comparisons to Jesus and Mary Chain, Velvet Underground, Spacemen 3 and contemporaries like Dum Dum Girls, Crystal Stilts and Wavves. We've pretty much had the album on repeat today. A lot of this contemporary lo-fi reverb-laden fuzz rock is so hit-and-miss with me lately. Love this and Dum Dum Girls...Wavves, not so much."
hey, i like a few wavves tracks, but most of it really is hit or miss. this album, however, is consistently fucking awesome from start to finish. definitely on heavy rotation.


Tobacco - Allegheny White Fish Tapes (2009)
collection of tobacco's early tapes from 1996-1999. over 70 minutes of mostly unreleased/unheard broken ghetto-blaster songs. warped drum machines, purple noise, ripped cassettes, and melodies to calm you down.
pre-vocoder & synths, post-apocalypse.


Starfucker - Jupiter (2009)

06 May 2009


Deerhunter - Raintwater Cassette Exchange EP (2009)

04 May 2009


finals week, no music until after friday. i have lots to up so check back later.