09 June 2009

Kurt Vile

Kurt Vile - Constant Hitmaker (2009)
"Constant Hitmaker's songs are varied and twisted in their arrangements, but most often include exquisite melodies floating atop a bed of hissing psych-pop experiments that fall together as nearly perfect pop songs. The album is steeped in an atmosphere of four-track recording and homespun obscurity, however it frequently, almost if by mistake, references a collection of some of pop music's best: My Bloody Valentine are felt on 'Space Forklift,' Lee Hazelwood's spirit haunts 'Slow Talkers,' and Lou Reed adorns 'Don't Get Cute.' All this without mentioning the album's most distinct song, 'Freeway,' the lone studio recording and a piece of music that will become lodged in every head that hears it. Constant Hitmaker comes off a bit straighter than anything on the Siltbreeze label, but more lovingly deranged than most every other indie rock album. It's something noteworthy, no doubt, and not just because it lives up to its title." - Skyscraper Magazine

V/A - James Pants

Various Artists - James Pants - Psychik Almanack Vol. 1 (2009)
James Pants is from Spokane. In Spokane there are lots of people with long fingernails and lots of dogs. In Spokane, rent is very, very cheap and so James Pants can afford to buy records and not work too awfully hard. A long time ago, James Pants started playing drums and marching in bands. After hitting cymbals for a while, James Pants bought cheap turntables and learned to scratch with Steppenwolf. James Pants' turntables skipped so much that he lost many battles and was never a good DJ. Then James Pants started playing Showbiz and AG, but no one liked his rap, and he was never paid. Then James Pants started playing Cameo and his drums again and people danced a little. Now James Pants plays his new album and a few girls like it. "Mystical and enchanting," is what people in Spokane say about it. Teenagers at the park like to dance and make-out to the new James Pants sound. "What a kaleidoscope," said one lady with her dog. "I can feel the universe pulse."
Following on from the well received 'Electric Finger' mix tape, James Pants again comes with a wonderful selection of 26 psych rock tracks; a few well known nuggets, but mostly pretty obscure songs with some wonderfully odd electronics involved; a great listen and a further reach into the brilliant mind of Mr Pants...well reccomended!