24 March 2009


Wavves - Wavvves (2009)
Wavves - Wavves (2008)

Surf City

Surf City - Surf City EP (2008)
Surf City first came in to existence when bored friends Davin Stoddard and Josh Kennedy met at a party in Mt Roskill in 2004. Tired of the heavy avant-garde music that was prolific at the time Stoddard and Kennedy teamed up with Josh’s brother Jamie and Logan Collins to form the band. Originally called The Fibs and then Kill Surf City their fascination with fast guitar pop and the early 80’s sound of Dunedin soon saw them develop their own unique and catchy sound.

Known as Kill Surf City for the last 3 years they recently shortened their name to just Surf City. As the name is a throw back to an old Jesus and Mary Chain B-side a couple of other bands in America and the UK had adopted the same alias. With the likelihood of overseas travel in the future and to avoid subsequent confusion the name was changed.

Following a couple of tours of New Zealand, numerous day jobs and several flat evections Surf City are to release their debut self titled EP on Arch Hill Recordings on August 6th. The majority of the six song EP was recorded in 2006 in various lounges and bedrooms around Auckland. Some in Eden Terrace and Kingsland and most of the vocals at Davin’s mum’s place. After the mixes were finalised by Murray Fisher, Davin hunted out infamous American artist Steve Keene to produce the EP’s artwork. Keene has created paintings for bands like the Silver Jews and Pavement and was more than happy to design for Surf City. With the direction of ‘chickens, guns and the desert’ Keene has created a perfectly colourful haphazard scene.

Sin Fang Bous

Sin Fang Bous - Clangour (2008)
Welcome to the Wunderkammer. Pop music with a bow, a present from Reykjavik and from Sindri Mar Sigfusson. A present that he gave to us and especially to himself. A surprise album, a search game in terms of pop music.

At the beginning there was an atmosphere of breaking up. Whereas on the one hand face and body of his band Seabear (whose debut was released on Morr Music in August 2007) gained their outlines more clearly, there remained a deliberately left open game with the sounds on the other hand. The name for this game was soon found: Sin Fang Bous.

Sindri Mar Sigfusson took his time. And he let time blow through the tracks. Gravitation processes, drifts, accumulations. What began as a miniature - a voice, a guitar - changed its textures and re-coloured its leaves. "Pocket Symphonies" one is inclined to say with Brian Wilson. Reduced to the max and equally concentrated up to its essence. Songs, sounds and samples are crystal clear and yet able to raise a storm.

Like in "Advent in Ives garden", a greenhouse in paradise, an "always more" of melody miniatures and sound pieces. Or, as the choirs in "Catch the light", it is his own voice that Sindri Mar Sigfusson expects of and even dares to do most of all. "I wanted to try to do stuff with my voice I hadn't done before so there's some singing above my range there and singing through lots of effect stuff."

Still there is this direct, intuitive sound - a reliance in sounds that also characterises Seabear's music. Embraces in pop, distinctive naivety. And yet Sin Fang Bous knows about the process-relatedness of pop music's production. Though, this debut has become a producer's album, too. Another talent of only 26-year-old Sindri Mar Sigfusson.

17 March 2009

Super Furry Animals

Super Furry Animals - Dark Days/Light Years (2009)
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Dark Days/Light Years, the ninth studio album by Super Furry Animals, was digitally released at 8pm on 16th March 2009 via the band's own website (www.superfurry.com) with a physical release following on the 13th of April on Rough Trade Records.

According to a press release from the band the album will be based around riffs and grooves they have been playing for the last few years and will feature only one slow song which "isn't slow at all". The statement goes on to claim that the saxophone and lap steel guitar have been consigned to the "banned instrument directive of the SFA board" with drummer Dafydd Ieuan apparently developing a phobia of the latter."

Longtime sleeve designer Pete Fowler collaborated with Hey Venus! artist Keiichi Tanaami to produce the album's artwork.The track "Inaugral Trams" includes spoken word German vocals by Franz Ferdinand's Nick McCarthy. The band have announced that they will broadcast a live show on MySpace featuring songs from the album on the day of its digital release.

Chin Chin

Chin Chin - The Flashing, The Fancing
Chin Chin's second full length, The Flashing, The Fancing is scheduled for release on Definitive Jux Records in March, 2009. Featuring an impressive roster of side men and soloists, with credits including TV On The Radio, Medeski Martin and Wood, Spoon, Antibalas, Sinead O'Connor, Blonde Redhead, Cibbo Matto, The Temptations, The Delfonics, Glenn Miller Orchestra, Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings, etc., the LP is as sophisticated as it is fun and catchy. Moody, world weary love songs sit comfortably in between psychedelic synth freak-outs and dance floor bangers. Chin Chin aren't afraid to let listeners think a bit while they burn the disco out.


Deastro -Keepers (2008)
Deastro is the nom de plume used by Randolph Chabot, whose debut full-length Keepers showcases an acute talent for electronic pop and a far more song-based talent than would tend to be associated with the Ghostly stable. This coming the week after School Of Seven Bells might well show some indication of a broadening of the field for the electronica imprint, but long-term fans shouldn't get too anxious - there's still plenty of digital regalia on show. From its very beginnings, this album makes gestures towards the M83 sound, fleshing out songwriting with grand, all-encompassing soundscapes: 'Michael, The Lone Archer Of The North Shore' is big and wide, opening with 'Baba O'Reilly' organs and soon swelling up with grand, sweeping synth-string chords and noisy drums. Elsewhere, 'The Shaded Forest' plays the same Springsteen-meets-Psychedelic Furs card that The Killers have made their own, although there's also an aftertaste of 'All My Friends' by LCD Soundsystem. However you choose to look at it, it's got 'indie rock anthem-ette' written all over it, although it's probably a chorus short of having bonafide hit potential. A little further in, and 'The Goodman Of The House' is another single in-waiting, combining drum machines and hook-laden verses, all delivered with a confidence and exuberance that's all too often missing from electro-pop production types. Yet more strong material from the Ghostly camp


DOOM - Born Like This (2009)
This afternoon, further information was provided on the first studio release in years from Hip Hop veteran emcee and producer MF DOOM. Released on U.K. imprint Lex Records, BORN LIKE THIS is the latest of the onetime KMD leader's catalog, spanning work with Raekwon and Ghostface Killah. 

The work, recorded over the last three years, features the single "Ballskin", produced by Rhymesayers affiliate Jake One. The album reportedly also features some production from J Dilla, familiar to fans of his 2006 Donuts release. 

Inspired by 1960s and '70s poet Charles Bukowski, DOOM samples a performance by the man on "Cellz." Previously, DOOM used Bukowski for a vocal interlude on 2004's "One Beer." 

Due this spring, label reps are already claiming that the New York born veteran is planning other releases in 2009. DOOM's new label has informed everyone of his name change. Apparently the Metal Fingerz/Metal Face (MF) prefix will be dropped in favor of the name DOOM--still in all caps.
01. Supervillain Intro
02. Gazillion Ear
03. Ballskin
04. Yessir (ft. Raekwon)
05. Absolutely
06. Rap Ambush
07. Lightworks
08. Batty-Boys
09. Angelz (ft. Tony Starks)
09. Cellz
10. Still Dope (ft. Empress Sharhh)
11. Microwave Mayo
12. More Rhymin' (ft. Kurious)
13. That's That 
14. Suppervillainz (ft. Kurious and Slug)
15. Bump's Message
16. Thank Ya

11 March 2009

Tor & Sufjan Stevens

Tor & Sufjan Stevens - Illinoize (2009)
Illinoize is a free remix tape put together by Montreal-based producer Tor, sampling songs from multi-instrumentalist and indie hero, Sufjan Stevens. Tracks are sampled from his 2005 LP Illinoise, as well as 3 of his other albums, 'A Sun Came', 'Seven Swans' and 'Songs for Christmas', blending Sufjan Steven's acoustic guitar, piano and horns with MC's Aesop Rock, Big Daddy Kane, Gift of Gab (Blackalicious), C.L. Smooth, Outkast, Brother Ali, and Grand Puba.

1. Star of Wonder/None Shall Pass (ft. Aesop Rock)
2. Dumb I Sound/ATLiens (ft. Outkast)
3. John Wayne Gacy Jr./Specialize (ft. Pete Rock & CL Smooth)
4. The Tallest Man/I Like It (ft. Grand Puba)
5. Kill/Any Type of Way (ft. Big Daddy Kane & DJ Premier)
6. Night Zombies/Talkin’ My Shit (ft. Brother Ali)
7. The Dress Looks Nice On You/Make You Feel That Way (ft. Gift Of Gab)

Radio Moscow

Radio Moscow - Brain Cycles (2009)
“Brain Cycles” is Radio Moscow’s second album, a new psychedelic trip into the musical territory originally charted by artists such as Randy Holden, Groundhogs, Peter Green and Flower Travellin’ Band, just to to name a few. Hailing from Ames, Iowa, an unlikely rock n’ roll town if there was one, and formed in 2006 by guitar prodigy Parker Griggs (24 years old), Radio Moscow released their self-titled debut in 2007, with Dan Auerbach of the Black Keys handling the production. Stoner Rock called the album “an astonishingly good debut,” Pop Matters hailed it as an “awesome record-…fun and slutty and cool,” and Modern Fix described their sound as “dirty-ass psych-powered blues rock ” After a full year on the road, Parker Griggs has headed back into the studio to cut the long awaited follow-up.

On “Brain Cycles,” he once again plays all the instruments (guitar, drums, and percussion) and assumes vocal duties as well as production credits, while the bass guitar is in the hands of young Zach Anderson (19 years old). Conceived as an homage to the thrilling days of yesteryear, when vinyl was king and analog stereo ruled the world, “Brain Cycles” is best experienced at maximum volume while wearing headphones, if you want your brain to catch the waves! Radio Moscow will be back on the road all 2009.

10 March 2009


Mountainhood - Goldeness Being Part 1 in the Multivisorial Dream Saga Called The Light (2009)
Michael Curtis Hilde, a.k.a Mountainhood (born October 18, 1981 in Northern California) is an American singer, songwriter, and visual artist. Hilde currently lives in New York City.

Prior to performing and recording as Mountainhood, Hilde was at various times known as Almaden, Almaden Wood, or Almaden Wood and the Transplendence XIV - taking the name from the Mercury mining town where Hilde grew up, a place where Hells Angels and farmers lived. Though style and genre shift from album to album, it has been written that “This is introverted music played as the blues should be.”

While operating in San Francisco, Hilde curated and performed at a monthly gathering called The Story. With posters painted by Hilde and visual artist Arik Roper, The Story outlined a new school made up of folk singers and drone groups where “each performer adds a bit to a running narrative during their set” . The Story is still going on in New York. Another one happened in December 2008.

The California series took place at The Stork Club in Oakland, and followed in the footsteps of Hilde’s San Siern Holyoake & Wood Festival at The Hotel Utah in San Francisco, May 2007, touted as “A Holy Sunday Gathering of the Brightest in New Folk Music from the Length of California”

Michael Curtis Hilde first began writing and recording while living in the Big Sur redwoods.

His first official release (as Almaden) appeared in Finland on the forest-folk imprint, 267 Lattajjaa, bearing an album title of over fifty words ending in “Blessedhood”. He signed to Time-Lag records in 2008


Pomegranates - Everybody, Come Outside! (2009)
Everybody, Come Outside! is the shimmering and dreamy new album from Cincinnati art-pop denizens, Pomegranates. This Cincinnati quartet broke on the scene last year with their debut full length, Everything Is Alive--an album that garnered immediate attention and support from music lovers and taste-makers alike. KEXP and WOXY, among others, fell for the band's quirky and charming blend of pop rock, and listeners followed suit, blogging the band up to 11 on Elbo.ws blog aggregate. The band also caught the attention of their peers. Artists such as French Kicks and Islands responded to Pomegranates' dynamic live set by inviting them out on the road. Everybody, Come Outside! shows a marked improvement both creatively and sonically from its predecessor, channeling influences that range from Talking Heads and Brian Eno, to French Kicks and Fela Kuti. It's a conceptual album of sorts, weaving an interesting tale of a man who leaves home, only to be abducted by a time traveler. Each of the 11 tracks of ECO! add to the mystique, as well as reveal a bit more about this unusual tale.

Pomegranates is Jacob Merritt (drums, percussion), Joey Cook (vocals, guitar, keys, bass), Josh Kufeldt (bass, electric guitar) and Isaac Karns (guitar, bass, sampling, vocals, keys). Everybody, Come Outside! was recorded by Pomegranates and mixed and mastered by TJ Lipple of Aloha (MGMT, Headlights, Minus Story). Everybody, Come Outside! drops worldwide April 14, 2009 on Lujo Records.

07 March 2009


Phosphorescent - A Hundred Times or More (2003)


Röyksopp - Junior (2009)
Norwegian duo Röyksopp, Svein Berge & Torbjørn Brundtland, announce the release of a new album for Spring 2009. Following their million selling debut Melody A.M. released in October 2001 and the acclaimed 2005 The Understanding, Röyksopp will release the new studio album on 23rd March 2009.

As always the Bergen-based band have written, performed, arranged, mixed and produced the new album themselves. The album features vocals from the band as well as guests: Anneli Drecker, Karin Dreijer-Andersson (The Knife), Lykke Li and Robyn.

Titled Junior, this 11 song album is a remarkable, energetic masterpiece. The first single Happy Up Here, a joyful romp, will be released on 9th March 2009.

04 March 2009

Grizzly Bear

Grizzly Bear - Veckatimest (2009)
Grizzly Bear is a Brooklyn-based indie rock band currently on Warp Records and consists of Daniel Rossen (songwriting/guitar), Ed Droste (songwriting/guitar), Chris Taylor (bass/woodwinds/electronics/vocals) and Christopher Bear (drums/vocals). The band employs traditional and electronic instruments, ranging from a recorder to a laptop, and all four members contribute vocals. Their sound is categorized as experimental rock, folk rock, or just indie rock, and is most dominated by the use of acoustic guitars and vocal harmonies. The band is one of the few non-electronic artists signed to Warp Records. Rossen is also a member of the duo Department of Eagles.