17 March 2009

Super Furry Animals

Super Furry Animals - Dark Days/Light Years (2009)
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Dark Days/Light Years, the ninth studio album by Super Furry Animals, was digitally released at 8pm on 16th March 2009 via the band's own website (www.superfurry.com) with a physical release following on the 13th of April on Rough Trade Records.

According to a press release from the band the album will be based around riffs and grooves they have been playing for the last few years and will feature only one slow song which "isn't slow at all". The statement goes on to claim that the saxophone and lap steel guitar have been consigned to the "banned instrument directive of the SFA board" with drummer Dafydd Ieuan apparently developing a phobia of the latter."

Longtime sleeve designer Pete Fowler collaborated with Hey Venus! artist Keiichi Tanaami to produce the album's artwork.The track "Inaugral Trams" includes spoken word German vocals by Franz Ferdinand's Nick McCarthy. The band have announced that they will broadcast a live show on MySpace featuring songs from the album on the day of its digital release.

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