21 February 2009


Oddjobs - Drums (2002)
Emerging in 1996 out of the Minnesota-based Cases of Mistaken Identiy crew, the group featured Minneapolis MC's Advizer and Crescent Moon and St. Paul DJ's Anatomy and Deetalx. Also coming out of the CMI camp, rapper Nomi completed the Oddjobs line-up a few years later. As they became part of the Minneapolis scene governed by the Rhymesayers crew (Eyedea & Abilities, Atmosphere), Oddjobs released their first full-length in 1999, titled "Conflict and Compromise". Yet when Advizer and Deetalx went to New York to attend college, working together became increasingly difficult, although that period did produce the acclaimed "Absorbing Playtime" EP. In order not to lose their 'band' feeling, the rest of the quintet relocated to New York as well. "Drums" is the product of their stay in the Big Apple.

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