24 February 2009

The Veils

The Veils - Sun Gangs (2009)
Andrews, who was born in London, started playing music in a folk club in Devonport, New Zealand. Finn played in a 12-piece band there for three years, where he first started composing his own music.

When Finn reached 16, he left school and moved to London to form a band and find a record label to record his compositions under. Within a month Geoff Travis signed them to Rough Trade Records.

The original lineup of The Veils disbanded in late 2004, following a string of inter-band altercations related to the future sound of the band. After this Andrews returned to New Zealand in order to find a new lineup and the write a new record. He spent the summer rehearsing with high school classmates Liam Gerrard (keyboards) and Sophia Burn (bass). The trio returned to London in early 2005 where they were joined by Dan Raishbrook (guitar) and Henning Dietz (drums).

The group recorded their second album Nux Vomica at Underbelly Studios in Los Angeles, with producer Nick Launay, and the album was released on 18 September 2006. The album featured string arrangements by ex-Lounge Lizard and long time Lou Reed collaborator Jane Scarpontoni. Nux Vomica featured on 9 critics' Best Of The Year lists in 2006.[who?]

During the sixteen months of touring that followed the release of Nux keyboard player Liam Gerrard left the band and The Veils continued on as a four piece. It was during this period that they started living in a garage in Oklahoma and using The Flaming Lips studio to record demos for their third album between playing shows on the east and west coats of America. They returned to London 6 months later and began recording with Graham Sutton. The album, entitled Sun Gangs, is now finished and due for release on 6 April, 2009.

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