26 February 2009


Ribbons - Royals (2009)
Multi-instrumentalist, composer, and producer Jherek Bischoff has had one of the more quietly prolific careers in the last decade of independent music. He’s served as both full-time member and guest musician/arranger for experimental pop crews The Dead Science, Xiu Xiu and Parenthetical Girls, composed music for dance and orchestral performances, and elegantly produced records for many of his talented friends including Casiotone for the Painfully Alone’s critically acclaimed Etiquette and Parenthetical Girls’ Safe As Houses.

His multisyllabic musical capabilities and voracious attention to detail have lent all of these projects layers of intricate loveliness and classical drama, qualities that find full flight on Royals, the debut release from Bischoff’s solo project Ribbons.

Through various shifts in musical genre however, Royals maintains a keen focus on the observance of sheer beauty in all of its fractured, 21st century forms, and so makes a record of winningly old-fashioned emotionality.

Someone has giving this record through my email, and this is quitely great project by jherek bischoff.. thanks to beardsociety

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