24 February 2009

Urlaub in Polen

Urlaub in Polen - Liquid (2009)
Urlaub In Polen (German for “Holiday in Poland”) is a German noise rock electronica duo formed in 1999 in Cologne. They were originally formed by Georg Brenner and Oli, but shortly after Oli quit the project in 2000, Georg Brenner joined forces with Jan Philipp Janzen comprising the current line-up.

After having released their first recording, the eponymously titled EP, through the German recording studio Institut für Wohlklangforschung in 1999, Urlaub In Polen signed to German noise rock-label RAKETEmusik through which they have now released three studio albums as well as yet another EP.

Although they are only two man on stage, Urlaub In Polen have built themselves a reputation as a highly energetic live band. Thus they were recognised by Northern Europe’s biggest music festival, Roskilde Festival, who put them on the bill in 2003. Live they are sometimes supported with Super 8 slide projections by Mark Witzel.

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